Outsourced Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting Services

Book keeping and accounting is the backbone of proper financial management. Every business need to have proper books financial records to be able to make informed decision and know how the business is fairing on. We do not just keep a record of your finances and produce for you reports, we tell you what your numbers are saying. We help you to reach your goals.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Our outsourced accounting services have been designed to be a powerhouse that plugs right into your business systems. We provide you with:

  1. A complete accounting department that will provide end to end financial services for your business;
  2. Time tested accounting processes that will streamline your business in no time;
  3. Robust accounting systems and reporting tools that will enable you stay abreast with your finances at all times;
  4. An experienced virtual Chief Finance Officer to expert advice on key financial indicators and financial strategies;
  5. Up-to date reports and regular meetings with your finance team lead by a CFO who updates you on how your business is fairing and what you should do to achieve your business goals

The Full Range of Accounting services that we offer include:

  1. General bookkeeping and accounting services;
  2. Carrying out various accounts control reconciliations;
  3. Back to back accounting to statutory reporting;
  4. Management Accounting and operating;
  5. Monthly payroll preparation and returns;
  6. Advisory on deployment of Accounting software’s;
  7. Streamlining and improving bookkeeping and accounting processes;
  8. Accounts as a shared services for companies with multiple offices across the region;
  9. Complete fixed asset accounting including procedures , policies reconciliations, recording and reconciliation;
  10. Full inventory cycle process including inventory management procedures and processes reconciliations and recording.


The Virtual Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

You may be comfortable with your accountant or book keeper. A CFO is however a vital part of any growing company.

The insights your CFO gives you can help you grow your business more, and employ prudent financial management strategies.

A CFO help you in:

  1. Providing the leadership role in the financial department;
  2. Analyzing you cash flow, cost controls, and expenses to guide business leaders;
  3. Analyzing financial statements to pinpoint potential weak areas;
  4. Establish and maintain appropriate internal control safeguards;
  5. Assisting in developing, directing and implementation of strategic goals of the company leader;
  6. Cash flow management and forecasting;
  7. Budget creation and analysis;
  8. Break-even and cost control;
  9. Debt Restructuring and reduction;
  10. Shareholder communications;
  11. Resource management

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